History has taught us that there has always been a very dark evil energy of fitting the narrative with whatever information comes along at all cost. Myth and legends become true in sick minds. For example the writings from Karl Marx got distorted to the point that even millions of people died and suffered, though that was not his intentions. This evil energy is the one going against Trump, 5G and member of GGTrust, with all sorts of fake narratives that sound very real, when in fact was is going on is absurdly fitting any information into the fake narrative to market it as real news, these people do this at any cost, including knowing that eventually they may pay the price of going to prison for it.
We live in the age of narratives, where propagandized storylines, not facts, matter. FoxNews

Someone starts a fake narrative that something is wrong and then in their sick mind everything fits that erroneous narrative. This is what Trump calls fake news, but it is much worse and wider spread problem in all aspects of society, from the medical doctor to the politician, to the judicial system, to the Google algorithm creators. The worse one of them all: the sick minds in most of the media companies producing fake news of all sorts which is watched by billions of people.
Note: Fake news evil energy is also found all over the alternative media community, disguised with words such as: Neurodegenerative and chronic diseases, Infertility, Cancers, Autism, Still-births, Blindness, Hormonal dysfunction, DNA damage, Kidney failure, Insect holocaust, Conflagrations of forests, yep the cause of all these problems are now blamed on 5G that does not even exist at the time of the authors claims. This is fake news in the making.The alternative media now has to fit whatever information they can find to fit their narrative against 5G. 5G does not even exist and yet all of these illnesses are already attributed to it. Like if these illnesses did not exist a hundred years ago. Do you take these alternative news creator seriously on the subject of 5G? Alternative news has brought us lots of truth in many subjects, such as vaccines, world finance, corruption in politics, fluoride, etc. but not this time with the false narrative on 5G.

What is truly going on with the complete lack of good analysis and rational thinking is what we all should be asking ourselves? and what is truly very worrisome. Why is the alternative media pushing a false narrative? I have a theory... but that is not the subject I want to cover in this post. Most important, are you believing everything without a bit of simple common sense analysis of your own?

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People get ideas/thoughts all day long, that is a normal function of the brain, it is the brain job to produce ideas all day long, good ones and what is worse many bad ones. It is up to you to use your wisdom/discernment to determine what is a good thought or not. Pay lots more attention to where your thoughts really come from... could they be coming from a false narrative? Did they come from a professional presenter? especially the type that is selling you something or from someone mature and wise not selling you anything? Like Trump for example.

Since the indoctrination school system did not train us in the art of discernment, most people do not have any wisdom and simply act as sheep’s following only the wisdom of the crowd. This is the main reason why the cabal has been able to easily control the entire planet’s population. The cabal was known until recently as the illuminati, which clearly means the illuminated ones, in other words the ones that truly know, which makes the rest the ignorant savages, and needless to say they have used this for their selfish purposes on maintaining control.

Are you an ignorant savage or an illuminated soul??? If you are just a parrot that just repeats everything, like MSNBC, CNN, etc. fake news outlets or worse the savage part in the ignorant alternative community that is against 5G or the judicial system officer that does not think, then you have no wisdom and you are doom to fail in this life.

If you are going to preach and/or argue a subject then it is your responsibility to spend numerous hours researching it, if the subject is complex then it is many years of hard study, yes thousands of hours of research is needed to be able to morally/responsibly preach and/or argue a subject. For example, I spent 20,000+ hours studying law in two languages and countries, approximately eight years studying spiritual subjects, even wrote a 350+ page book on spiritual subjects. I have not kept track of how many years studying medical subjects. I have even performed minor surgeries on animals and a human or two also. Owned and operated a stem cell research lab, which often kept me up working for eighteen hours. Designed medical equipment for companies such as Baxter Diagnostics and spent 24+ years working as an electronic and software engineer, and yes I still have a lot more to learn... What have you studied? Is it enough for you to truly have a good opinion or do you just send out any narrative that is sent to you? Like all the fake 5G news which I am quite tired of receiving, heck now they even have conferences by the ignorant for the even more ignorant against 5G. There is now even a book against 5G, which has all the signs of fake news narrative to make money from you. I suggest you learn to notice the fake narrative quickly so you use your time more wisely.

Do you believe all the fake news against Trump? Or all the fake narratives in favor of vaccines? Or that the USA/World is going into a recession? Russian collusion? That the USA is going to war with Venezuela? Iran? That NASA went to the moon? or that it sent out satellites outside our galaxy? Or that Niburu/x-planet is going to kill us all, yep got that one today again, this one has been going on since the early nineties or even earlier.

You need to learn how to discern well, because truth and lies often come from the same source, and that is very confusing.

I spent hundreds of hours researching the subject of vaccines, I spend money in winning and dinning several Ministers of Health, attended worldwide congress on vaccination, paid a biologist salary for years who specialized on vaccines, was friends with the guy that had figured out how to transmute genocidal viruses from animal to human for biological warfare, dated a biologist in DC who was designing biological weapons for the US Military, I have spent endless hours searching above top secret military biological databases which I had access through IBM. Even been victim of what I suspect (and have a small amount of evidence) was a US military biological weapon experiment that almost killed me. That is how you gain the knowledge and wisdom to be able to determine what is real and what is fake news. Most vaccines are between bad and real bad for you, and not needed at all, but there could be exceptions... there you have it, not all is black and white, there are many shades of grey on many subjects. Often the presenter presents some truth along with the lies to trick you, therefore there is no easy way to know what is truth or not, especially the less you now, the more prone you are to fall trap of some lie.

As you can see, I have done my home work in many subjects. So, when I tell you that the narrative against 5G is all BS, is based on real life experience and as an architect engineer and researcher who earned a living from designing state-of-the-art electronics and computers. BTW I also worked designing portion of the older version of what now is called 5G at Motorola and Ungermann-Bass, Cisco and other companies that were the initial pioneers of all these wireless technologies. I have also wasted many hours going over all the fake narrative against 5G, and I am not willing to waste any more time on it. In fact, I plan on using 5G throughout our own worldwide Celestavia transportation projects, which will have a 5G transceiver every hundred feet or so. Why? because I as a professional engineer and good researcher I have not found any evidence that it will cause any more harm than 1-4G already does. In fact with the installation of 5G every 100 feet, the radiation will be way lower than what it is now, therefore 5G will be way less harmful that is now with 1-4G and that is assuming that it is harmful now, which I have many doubts that it is harmful at all in the low power levels used by cellphones, especially if you use precaution such as not putting the phone close to your body when in use; read the manual for proper recommended use, which says one inch from your head when in use, keep the cellphone as much away from your body throughout the day and at least five feet away when you sleep. Yet there are billions of people improperly using cellphones daily, and they are alive and not worse than before; all that scientific evidence you hear about against 5G (that does not exist yet...) can easily be attributed to many other environmental issues along with lack of proper nutrition which is really the root cause of almost all illnesses. In all fairness against 5G there is a small exception to a small portion of possible future 5G new frequency use, so far in very rare use some cellphones manufacturers are testing the use of higher frequencies than 6Ghz, which so far have been found to only work in line of sight use, for example in a stadium scenario or extremely close proximity, in both cases very low power is needed to operate, therefore most likely even less possibility of any type of harm to cells.

If the cabal or any other real enemy wants to make us all very sick or kill us all, there are more than plenty of significantly easier ways to do it than via 5G. Why go though all this 5G multi-billion-dollar effort, in fact it may even go as high as a trillion dollars or more, to make us so sick we will not be able to pay the cellular service.

When it comes to 5G, the alternative media is simply following an unsupported fake narrative.

What if at all you should be concerned with, is the improper and in most countries illegal use of information generated by IoT; the potential abuse by the alphabet government institutions of the world, now that is something to be seriously concerned about.

You should also be very concerned about why and how is it that you and others fall victim of false narratives, that is a real serious problem. Part of the reason is that most were indoctrinated and never educated. It is your job to get an education, and with it become wiser or should I say illuminated.

Do not forget that all you have to do to protect yourself is simply turn off the phone....... all the hoopla about 5G is in the use of a frequency that cannot go through walls...

There are more than plenty of real important issue/problems in this world than 5G, such as misuse and abusive inappropriate use of the internet to spy on the entire population of the planet; Google, Facebook, etc. misuse of information and search algorithms to distort the truth; the depletion and destruction of the world’s ocean fish and coral reef; mercury contamination everywhere, especially in the florescent light bulbs and indiscriminate gold mining by artisanal and small miners, which are contaminating huge portions of the world’s fresh water; the lack of forest management and reforestation throughout the world, the unnecessary indiscriminate horizontal dwelling expansion; the incredible corrupt financial and currency system; vaccinations; fluoride; pesticides; all the lies by big pharma, very poor water management; burning fossil fuels; the very unnecessary militaries of the world, the reckless level of population growth by the less needed and desirable, GMO use (note: that I strongly favor GMO and genetic research but not use at this very early point in time), and not least of all the upcoming possible misuse of AI along with androids and robots which there are plenty of movies warning us and the fact that these technologies will reduce the need for human employment about 80% in just the coming 15-25 years, in fact this started back in the early 1900 and is about the hit the exponential curve big time in the coming few years, say bye-bye to just about any job, because a machine/robot with AI can do it infinitely better, that includes even jobs like surgeons. BTW: We at GGTrust have projects to mitigate and solve most of these issues, so the world can have a smooth transition from where we are at to a world of real unlimited abundance for all.

Now back to what is truly important. The fact that most of you need to spend a lot more time reading all sorts of books, forums, websites and turn off the fake news TV and the internet fear porn, only then you will reach a high enough level of wisdom to be able to act responsibly and make wise decisions; even then there is still lots of room for mistakes…

Take a subject that really concerns you and become and expert at it. NOTE: You do not do this by reading and forwarding internet fear porn. For example, if you are so interested in 5G then go join your local amateur radio club, passing the communication electronic license test would be a start in the direction of having a real education on the subject of non-ionizing radiation. I may be the youngest person ever in the USA to get an FCC license to operate a commercial radio and TV station.

BTW: I just fell victim of forwarding a fake news article about the arrest of the x-president of Ecuador, because I wanted it to be true so bad that I did not spend time researching it… yep, it is very easy to fall in the trap of fake news.

Start exercising lots more discernment on all the info that comes your way. Universities teach very advanced marketing stills to students disguised as journalism four-year degree. The student is brained washed on what true journalism really is to think that the job is to sell the news content at all cost. I know this quite well since someone very close to me has taken such degree. Very evil is what universities are doing. Not a single day in the 99.99% of all worldwide schools is spent on teaching morals, ethics and proper principles. You have to get that on your own. Most religions teach fear, but not true love and sacrifice when it comes to morals and principles that we all should have for a true loving society, this is why we are were we are at. Study and learn these subjects well, then do your part and teach them to others. That is the way we will stop fake news once and for all.